Farmhouse Easter Table Setting

You know, I was thinking about just how excited I am that spring is here.

easter dining room

When I was a little kid I hardly noticed the changing of the seasons.

I didn't dread winter, and all its hassle of having to bundle up in warm socks and a coat, every time I wanted to step outside.  


Of course I was excited for summertime out of school, but I didn't dwell on the upcoming humidity and scorching hot days.  

In fact, all of that never even crossed my mind.

He is Risen pillow

Things have sure changed now, though.  

As an adult, life just gets easier in the spring.  

The kids can run outside barefoot, without a coat, and play out there all day.  


I can leave the door wide open without worrying about the cold.

And, best of all, we get to celebrate Easter.  

Easter table setting

Four different accounts in the Bible tell the story of a man, who made an outrageous claim to be God, rising from the dead.  That's a pretty incredible story!

And the man who told it said that if you trust in Him your sins would be forgiven.

So, on Easter, we celebrate that free gift of salvation.  

Easter table

To reflect this simple message, I kept my table setting minimal.

For the table runner, I brought in some grain sack with blue stripes.

spring easter table

For the hard boiled eggs, I kept them au naturel.  I love the little imperfections of eggs sourced locally.  

They are all different colors, shapes and sizes.

Easter dining room

I added in some branches, from a bush outside, and white tulips in chippy ironstone pitchers.

I found the white plates from World Market and love the way look underneath my Blue Nordic Ironstone bowls.

spring table setting

I brought out my simple, crocheted corner, white vintage napkins.  

I added in some potted herbs to reflect what is going on outside.  I can't wait until our garden is bursting at the seams with cilantro, parsley and thyme.  Soon!


Thank you all so much for stopping by to see my Easter table setting!

But don't let the fun stop here!  Stop by my friends' homes to see their tables all prettied up for Easter:

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