A Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation- Part 1

We have been living in our early 20th century home for over seven years now.  So far, we have painted every surface, including doors, windows, baseboards, crown molding, cabinets and even tiles.  This place was CRAZY when we first moved in.  We also ripped up the blue carpet that was on the stairs and entire upper level and refinished the wood floors.  So, although those simple changes made a dramatic improvement in our home, we have never actually done an official renovation.

Well, I can finally say we are ready to change that!

For our farmhouse kitchen renovation, we are going to replace the cheap aluminum sink for a heavy duty ceramic apron front farmhouse sink.  We are also trading out the laminate counters for light colored stone tops.

We are ripping up the laminate tile and backing board to expose the original hardwood floors that are installed throughout the rest of the house. 

Our refrigerator currently stands alone against a wall since, apparently, the average person didn't own one when our house was built nearly 100 years ago.  We will be adding shelving around our refrigerator so it looks more intentional and less like an afterthought.

Here are the design elements I will be using:

  1. I am going to add a ticking stripe curtain to hide our trash can and a few kitchen gadgets, like our waffle iron, juicer and crock pot.  The need for this curtain is the result of a slighlty awkward old house kitchen layout, but we are working with it, so we don't have to get into anything too major.
  2. I will add several green plants to contribute to the simple, organic feel I am going for.
  3. Wire baskets will be used on the new open shelving around the refrigerator to store things like potatoes, fruit and onions.  
  4. I selected Benjamin Moore White Dove paint for a simple, clean palette on the walls.
  5. I have several Target Milk Crates around my house and to tie that into the kitchen, I will be using them on my open shelving to store chips, dried fruit and canned goods.  This will give me some much needed pantry space since, currently, we have none, and all the food is crammed into my cabinets.
  6. The cabinets and baseboards throughout the whole house are already painted in Benjamin Moore's Ivory Tusk.
  7. If the floors underneath the laminate tile are in fair condition we will refinish them to match the rest of the wood flooring on the main level.
  8. Glass jars on open shelving will store dried goods like beans, rice, quinoa, popcorn and flour.
  9. We already have this Allen and Roth pendant light hanging over our kitchen island, so that will stay.
  10. We will install these quartz counter tops from Ikea, in the color ocean foam.
  11. A small wall that surrounds the opening between the kitchen and laundry room will be painted in chalkboard paint, for lists, notes and messages.
  12. We will use the chrome Glittran kitchen faucet from Ikea.
  13. Every farmhouse kitchen needs an apron front sink and we are finally getting ours!  This is the Domsjo double bowl sink from Ikea.

When we first walked into our kitchen over seven years ago, we weren't exactly impressed with the color choices.  The floor to ceiling cabinets and baseboards had been sponge painted in several shades of blue, and the walls were orange.

Before we even were settled in I painted the cabinets in Benjamin Moore Ivory Tusk and the walls a soft shade of yellow.  Although that softened the room up quite a bit, not much has changed since then.

I have been planning and dreaming about this project for years and I am so excited to finally be putting it all together.  I will share the progress over the next several weeks (or months) (but hopefully not years) with you!

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