A Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation- Part 4

We are 75% of the way there! Here is what our kitchen looked like when we first moved in:

Too bad I didn't take the time to snap a pic of the bright blue sponge painted cabinets.

Here is how it looked for the last 7 years:

And here is where we are today.

I can't get that dern cabinet door to close.  That is something we will need to fix pronto.

hardware update
hardware update

We finished the subway tile with gray grout backsplash over the weekend.  My husband and I tag-teamed painting the cabinet doors throughout the week.  We also decided to spray paint the hinges and knobs black to match the new drawer pulls.  

I found this little step ladder at a resale shop last Friday.  It is perfect for reaching our very tall top cabinets.  Although now my two-year old has full access to everything in the cupboards.  I'm not so sure that is such a great idea, so it may not find a permanent home in the kitchen.

I still need to find a new light fixture for above the kitchen sink.  I am thinking something black and slightly industrial looking, but I am very prone to changing my mind, which is evidenced by the fact that I switched the backsplash and cabinet color since my last post.  I'm pretty sure I said I would do beadboard and gray cabinets.  

We still need to do the built-ins around the fridge and a few odds and ends things, like add flooring thresholds, put the trim back on and touch up some paint on the cabinet hinges, but I feel like we are in the home stretch.

It is at least done enough that I can live normally in my kitchen.

No more of this doors off cabinets, tiles off the backsplash and half the floor ripped up business.

I can't wait to do the 5th and final renovation post!  It will hopefully be coming your way sooner than later, but now that the kitchen feels done-ish and I can use it normally again, any sense of urgency is gone.

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