A Review of Our IKEA Quartz Countertops

When I started my kitchen renovation last winter, I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with butcher block countertops, stone or laminate.  I knew I wanted something neutral that would work well with my farmhouse style, but I had to consider budget, durability and maintenance.

I ruled out butcher block fairly quickly because I was worried about having too much wood, since all the floors in my house are the original hardwood.  I know wood floors and wood counters can look really lovely together, but our floors are heart pine, which have a naturally amber hue.  I just knew they wouldn't look right.


I knew I didn't want granite, because I wanted to keep things very bright.  Of course, I loved marble, but the cost was prohibitive.

 I did my research due diligence and decided a light colored quartz would be the way to go.  They were slightly more expensive than granite, but in a kitchen with little counter space, I knew we could swing it.  I liked that they wouldn't need any regular care or upkeep, and they were supposed to be relatively indestructible.  Since we were able to restore the original hardwoods and paint the cabinets, I thought spending a little extra on our countertops was justifiable. 

When I went to IKEA to look at the sinks, faucets and counters, I wasn't prepared for so many choices.  There were options for color, thickness and edges.

The counters we ended up with are just over one inch thick.  We went with the color ocean foam and we opted to not do the beveled edges.  

They cost $69 per square foot, BUT, and this the exciting part, a couple weeks after I purchased them I happened to be at IKEA again and saw they were ON SALE!  My heart sunk.  They hadn't even been delivered yet.  If I had only waited a couple more weeks to order them, they would have been 15% off. Well, my smart sister said I should just go to customer service and see if they would honor the sale retroactively.  They gave me the 15% back, no questions asked.  I walked away with over $300 cash in my pocket.  

One thing that was important to me, as a mother of four messy kids, is how easy they would be to clean.

I, mostly, only use water and a microfiber cloth to shine them right up.  

I had a couple of rust spots from leaving wet cast iron out overnight a couple times, and it came right out with Soft Scrub.

I was kind of thinking I was stuck with the stains forever, but with a little dab of this stuff it came off without a problem.

I wasn't used to hard countertops and, at first, we broke a few dishes.  We are used to it now, so I haven't broken anything in quite a while.

I am very happy with my quartz countertops from IKEA.  I love that they are strong and easy to care for. The white color adds so much brightness to my kitchen. I would highly recommend them, especially if you can snag them during one of their kitchen sales, like I did.


Thank you for reading along friends!

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