An Update on the Girl's Room

The girls' room in this little farmhouse has really been stumping me lately.  I see all these rooms on Instagram and Pinterest that have so many different colors and patterns, but they all look so beautiful together.  They look collected and unplanned.  I love that look, especially in kids' rooms.  I had that style in mind, but I felt like I just couldn't achieve it.

Some rooms that inspired me are this one from Nesting With Grace:

See what I mean?  It's like color and texture and overload, but in a good way.  Somehow she made all of it go together.

I also love this room by Cami Tidbits. The whole space is filled with character and playfulness.

When you scroll through their photos, the rooms look so effortless and unplanned.  

I love the way they have the old mixed with the new.  Their are some genuine vintage pieces that give the room character and charm, but then some new pieces that lend function.

I was having a hard time getting all my colors and patterns in the room to somehow pull together and look cohesive.

Well, I feel like I may have solved my problems with, of all things, a world map. 

I was in my girls' closet the other day organizing, which is pretty much a daily occurence (Ugh!), when I saw a world map folded up on their bookshelf.  (Yes, they have a bookshelf in their closet.) I unfolded and decided it might look really nice on the wall.  If nothing else, maybe it would teach them some world geography.

I hung it on the wall with some thumb tacks and, boom, I finally felt like the colors in the room had a little more balance.  Inspired, I played around with the positioning of the old lamp I found at the resale shop, and moved around the quilts and doll beds.  

Seriously, my most favorite things in my house come together in flurries of inspiration, rather than deliberate pinning and planning. That's not going to stop me from pinning and planning, though.

Just like that, I feel like the room finally has that playful vibe I was going for.

I want to talk a little bit about where everything in this room came from, as I'm a big fan of decorating slowly over time, collecting things that have a meaning and story.

The floral pillow in the picture below was made from a Delia's sweater I wore in high school.  

I made the bunting when my oldest daughter was three. The fabrics were mostly scraps from dresses I had sewn her.  

My husband's grandpa made the doll beds.  I'm sure they will be treasured by my girls forever.

The quilts folded on the dresser were all gifts at my daughter's baby shower, handmade by relatives and friends.

I found the dresser and light second hand.

I made the ruffled pillow case, on the bottom bunk, for my younger daughter a few years back.  It has a black sharpie drawing right in the middle of it, of a head with legs coming out, because that's how kids draw people when they're only three years old.

It's the stories that make this room a meaningful collection.

It's normally filled with leftover bits of paper from a craft project, doll clothes spread out all over the floor, forts and stacks of books, but this room is for creativity and making memories.

Thank you for stopping by friends!