Healthy Snack Idea- Vanilla Yogurt With Honey Toasted Pecans and Blueberries

My kids are always hungry.  It seems like every time I am washing the last breakfast dish they are already saying they are hungry again.  Actually on most days the kitchen isn't even clean when they are asking for more food.

If I don't have a few healthy snack options I deal with a bunch of pretty cranky kids.

This vanilla yogurt with honey toasted pecans and blueberries makes a delicious snack, but it can also serve as a protein and probiotic packed breakfast.

You can make a double or triple batch of toasted nuts ahead of time to have them on hand when the kids need something fast.

Start by preheating the oven to 375 and spreading a thin layer of pecans in a glass baking dish.  

Drizzle the nuts with coconut oil and honey and add a sprinkle of salt.  


Toast them in the preheated oven for about 10 minutes.  It makes them sweet and crispy.

When the pecans are toasted and cooled, they can be stored in a glass container for about a week, if you can go that long without eating them.  We never make it that long.

When it is snack time, put about a cup of plain organic yogurt in a bowl and drizzle it with a couple teaspoons of honey and a half teaspoon of vanilla.  Stir it all up and top it with the honey toasted pecans and frozen blueberries.

The only problem with this snack is I want to eat this