Homemade Iced Lavender Latte

I love coffee in all forms, but that perfect iced latte is the stuff that makes me want to shell out five bucks at the coffee shop.

But, with all that added sugar, and a questionable milk source, I don't think it's a good habit to get into.

Plus, I love the idea of playing around with the ingredients and making some exciting combinations that you won't see at Starbucks. 

Lately, as I have been marveling over all the culinary uses of essential oils, a thought popped in my head.  

homemade iced lavender latte using essential oils

I bet lavender would compliment coffee wonderfully, in a coffee latte drink. 

I'm so glad I tried it!

It is absolutely delicious AND I feel great about everything in this drink.  

I am using milk that has been locally sourced and grass fed. It has all the health benefits of raw milk, with all the enzymes and probiotics still intact. (If you can't tolerate dairy, or have no good milk source, you can substitute the milk portion of this recipe with coconut milk or almond milk.)

And for the sweetener, I am using honey that I purchased from a local farm.

I love it when I can look at my food and pronounce the four or five whole food ingredients that are in it.

First, to make the strong cold brewed coffee, add the following ingredients to a French press, or quart size mason jar:

1 cup freshly ground coffee beans

3 cups filtered water

After the coffee has steeped for 12-24 hours, strain off the coffee grinds.

If you don't have a French press, you can strain the coffee grinds through clean tea towel over a large bowl.

For the iced lavender latte, fill a quart size mason jar with ice.

iced lavender latte

Add two tablespoons honey to a small saucepan with a quarter cup of coffee.  

homemade iced lavender latte with essential oil

I like to dissolve the honey in just a small amount of liquid so it can incorporate more easily.  If you skip this step, the honey just sinks to the bottom, and doesn't sweeten the whole drink. 

Fill the mason jar about halfway with the cold brewed coffee.  

how to make an iced lavender latte

Next, add in the warm honey and coffee mixture.

Fill the jar the rest of the way up with your milk of choice.

how to make an iced lavender latte

We use raw milk from a local farm.  It's full fat, creamy and delicious!  I have to shake it up first, so I don't get only cream, since it isn't homogenized.  

You could also substitute coconut milk or almond milk. 

Add toothpick dip of lavender essential oil.

To do this, stick a toothpick into the bottle of lavender essential oil, pull it out and dip into the mason jar with the iced latte.

Since essential oils are so strong, you will have way too much lavender flavor if you start pouring in the bottle of oil.  

lavender latte iced coffee drink

If you find one toothpick dip isn't strong enough, add another.  I find that one whole drop is way too strong.

Make sure to only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils.  Cheap brands from Walmart aren't safe to ingest.

I ended up sharing my iced lavender latte with the hubby, so I poured it into two pint size mason jars.

homemade iced lavender latte

Give it all a little stir, stick your straw in, and enjoy!

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How to Make a Homemade Iced Lavender Latte with Essential Oils