How I Feel About White Slipcovers After 2.5 Years

When we were first married we inherited a couple of light green couches from someone we knew. Being the frugal person that I am, I worked my whole living room color scheme around them, unwilling to spend money on couches that might fit my style better. In fact, at the time, my style could have been summed up in a few words: whatever was free.

Fast forward a few years and I find out about Pinterest. It doesn't take a very dedicated pinner to quickly find out that light and bright is the current style that everyone is going for. I was also falling for the beautiful simplicity of the farmhouse style.

But I still had green couches.

After a couple Pinterest tutorials and a few YouTube videos I had all the confidence I needed to sew some white slipcovers for my hand me down living room suite.

I bleached a huge amount of drop cloth in my bathtub and tackled the slipcovering project, while my husband took the kids out for the day.

I loved all the clean brightness that my new slipcovers added, but how would they hold up with small children?

Well here I am over two and a half years later to tell you about my experience.

So the first question I get asked is, how do your kids not destroy them?

Well first of all, I'm pretty strict about kids eating food at the table and washing their hands before they get down. But, they do still occasionally eat snacks in the living room and we definitely get wild with the popcorn during movie nights.  And, of course, since kids don't always follow the rules, I find little blueberry stained hands and almond butter covered cheeks bouncing around on the couches all the time.

But, what is absolutely miraculous about slipcovered couches, be they white or otherwise, they can be removed and thrown in the washer. Bonus, if  they're white, they can be bleached.

I remove my slipcovers about every six months. I wash them on hot with bleach and hang them to dry. They go in pretty dingy and come out looking seriously brand new.

In between washes I spot clean with some oxyclean, just like people with non slipcovered couches do. The seat cushion cover has two sides, so when they get dirty on one side I flip them over to get a little more mileage out of them before washing.

Would I recommend white slipcovers to people with small children? Yes! Absolutely I would! Anything that can be removed and bleached is definitely kid friendly.

We will have ours three years this fall and they are holding up well. I washed them over the weekend and they look brand new.

If you don't like sewing, vnwhite slipcovers can be found at IKEA. If you do feel like tackling the project yourself check out Miss Mustard Seed's slipcovering tutorials on YouTube.

How about you? Have you tried white slipcovers with children? How did they hold up?