It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hey friends!  I hope you are enjoying autumn and all the beautiful weather.  It is definitely still fall and not winter or Christmastime yet, BUT I am in two holiday home blog tours this year, so I have been thinking very hard about Christmas.

There will be plenty more photos to come, but I wanted to share with you the direction I am going this year.

Normally, I bring up our artificial tree and a few totes of ornaments, mugs and bowls from the basement every year.  I wanted this year to be different.  I love the simplicity of neutral Christmas decor with natural elements.  I decided I would go with natural greenery, pine cones, white candles and navy blue grain sack and ticking stripe fabrics.  I designed the mood board above with things I already had laying around. 

The park next door to our house cut down two tall pine trees, so that really helped with the greenery collection.  I went over there twice with my clippers and a wicker laundry basket in hand.  I was able to make three wreaths and three garlands from it.

I also had the other greenery from a bouquet from a wedding that my photographer sister shot.

My main objective was to not spend a whole lot of money on decor I would have to store away in the basement until next year.

The only thing we paid for was the tree.  I wanted a real one this year!

I made wreaths with a wire wreath form and floral wire.  I just put the greenery, that I had cut, on the form and secured it with the wire, working all the way around, until I liked the shape.  I added a few pieces of contrasting greenery from the bouquet.

For the garlands, I just used green floral wire.  I made sure all the clipping went in the same direction, and attached the top of one to the bottom of the next, wrapping each securely with the wire.  I also added in a few pine cones, by looping the wire through the bottom layer of the pine cone, and then around the garland to secure them.

I added in some grain sack pillow covers and stockings from the shop, lit several white candles and wrapped some white lights around the tree.  I also topped the tree with a twig star I found in the Target dollar section.

I'm loving the simplicity and thriftiness of an all natural Christmas.

Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you come again when I do the full Christmas home tour on November 28th!