Pallet Wood Gather Sign in a Reclaimed Wood Frame

A couple months ago I was shopping at my favorite resale/antique shop when I came across this frame.

I wasn't sure what I would do with it, but it was only two bucks and I couldn't pass it up.

It hung on my craft room closet door like that for several weeks.

First I thought I would find a mirror to go in it and hang it in one of the bathrooms.  

Then I thought I would get a piece of glass for it and frame something for my boys' room.

Still it just hung there.  I wondered if this would be one of those projects I neglect for years. 

Then, one day, my friend and sister made plans to get together for a girls' craft night, something we do often to get out of the house and have some adult time.   Scrambling to procure something worth painting, I grabbed the frame and headed out to the garage.  I spotted a pile of cut up pallet wood.  The very thing!  I grabbed five pieces and set it on my husband's work bench.

When my husband got home from work I sweet talked him into cutting, painting and screwing my pallet boards into the back of the frame.  I know he probably thinks I am crazy half the time, but he is always willing to help me with all my projects.

I thanked my husband, grabbed my frame and headed over to my friends' house sans children.

We got out the cricut, paint and snacks (of course) and got to crafting.

I found this lovely font on Etsy from the shop Little Big Crafter. I used the Midnight font.

After the cricut cut it out I laid it where I wanted it and traced around the letters.

I carefully painted inside the lines.

Here is a shot of my sister painting a welcome sign she was making.

Im sure she'll appreciate that photo. 😉

And here is my finished pallet wood sign...

I put it in my dining room because that is where we gather to eat all our meals three times a day. 

Even though life is often chaotic and crazy I hope the dining room is a place where we can recharge, debrief and make memories.

There is usually more food under it than on it after a big meal, but I hope we can gather together around our big farm table for many years to come.