Meet Lisa, author of Farmhouse on Boone Blog

Hello, I'm Lisa!  


I am the wife of an amazingly supportive husband and mother of four kids, two girls and two boys.

I'm a small town Missouri native and country girl at heart.   I lived in St. Louis for a year in college and found that city life isn't for me.

I grew up on an Elk farm in Wentzville, Missouri and loved every minute of my childhood.  I am the oldest of four girls, which was, and still is, always an adventure.

I can't wait until we can move our little family to a farm on a gravel road, with chickens and goats.  For now, I settle for our five backyard chickens and vegetable garden that takes up most of our yard.

I am a total health nut.  At any given moment you will find at least two or three things fermenting on the counter in my kitchen.  I love making sauerkraut, kefir and sourdough bread.  

I love natural remedies, whole food, and have a cabinet stuffed full of essential oils and bulk herbs. 

Meet Lisa Bass Farmhouse on Boone

I have a passion for sewing and creating.  If you locked me in my craft room for 24 hours I wouldn't be the least bit sad about it!

A few fun facts about me:

I competed in the state track meet for long jump in high school.

I had my third child in the back of our van, at 75 MPH.

I am absolutely addicted to lemon lime seltzer water.

I was a gymnast as a kid and can still throw back handsprings, but I am super sore the next day when I do!

I spent Summer 2007 in Yellowstone National Park. The scenery was unbelievable but I couldn't stand being away from home for so long. 

Thank you so much for stopping by our farmhouse!  

Check back often for sewing tutorials, DIY projects, design inspiration, whole food recipes, natural remedies and our simple life here on Boone Street.