I'm guessing you stumbled upon my website in search of a shiplap tutorial, farmhouse sewing project, or maybe even a grain free granola or sauerkraut recipe.  

Well I have all that for you here!  

But, first I want to tell you a little story about the purpose behind this blog, my goals and how I got here.

My Story

Ever since I was a little kid, I was always an idea girl.  I remember my thoughts being consumed with  some new project or idea.

After I finished college and had my first daughter, I wasn't content to stop learning.

I started my first website and blog called Bright Mama, in 2009, before there were simple Squarespace web templates, where you can bust out a professional looking website in no time flat.  I designed the whole thing from scratch on some really complicated program, and even learned to use some basic HTML.  Even if that website still existed, I would be too embarrassed to show it to you now. 

I wrote posts on healthy homemaking, recipes, and I even had a shop where I sold cloth diapers.

I invested in a huge stock of wholesale cloth diapers and went to many expensive baby expos trying to build that business.  I also learned to sew nursing covers, so I could offer a package deal for natural mamas.

Around the time I was pregnant with my second daughter in 2010,  I had my mom help me work through an Oliver + S sewing pattern to make my first dress for my daughter.  From there, I started studying all her store bought dresses to see how they were constructed.  Soon, I was making up my own dress patterns and even launched my first Etsy shop.  

I was so driven in my entrepreneurial endeavors that I would stay up late into the night designing and sewing new dresses to add to my shop, all with my second daughter tied on with a baby wrap.

Some of my dress designs

I was putting in a WHOLE lot of work sewing dresses, all to make 10 or 15 bucks an hour.  That tuckered me out pretty darn quickly!

Exhausted with my expensive and time consuming business attempts I focused on being a mom for a few years.  I did continue to sell dresses, but I jacked up the prices so I wouldn't sell several a week, but more like a few a month. I also sold a few orders of kefir grains each week.

Farmhouse on Boone

After I had my fourth child, that old entrepreneurial bug bit again.  I am just a person who is simply not content when I am not pursuing some idea for myself.  I love being a mother and wife, but I need an outlet for creativity.  

In December of 2015 I wrote my first post for this blog, Farmhouse on Boone.  I had heard from several sources that blogging takes insane dedication and consistency to make any money at all.  

After starting my Instagram account in May 2016, I soon decided that I could make it profitable by coming up with some kind of product.  Since I had attempted a monogramming business in early 2016 (forgot to mention that) I already had invested in the embroidery machine necessary to make monogrammed farmhouse pillows.

Not one to learn from past mistakes that making physical handmade products can run one ragged, I put a TON of energy into marketing pillow covers. (I have help now and welcome pillow sales, by the way. ;))

After my first month making real money, from blogging alone, in January 2017, I had my first real taste of the power of residual income. I had heard of the concept for quite some time from Pat Flynn on The Smart Passive Income Podcast, but I didn't see it as a real possibility.  

Trading time for money was all I had ever known.  It's what everyone does, right?

In February of this year, my husband and I had a chance to sit down and DREAM.  That's not something common this day and age.  We decided that we would put all our entrepreneurial efforts into building passive income.

In March 2017, I listened to a webinar from Shaye, a very successful blogger and author over at The Elliott Homestead. She shared her story of how she funded her entire homestead from a business she built through an essential oils company called doTERRA.


I had already been using essential oils for a few years and knew their amazing powers.  As one who is always INSANELY skeptical (and almost antagonistic toward direct marketing in general)  I actually saw the potential.  Here there is a major health movement all over the world and a company that markets natural products that can transform a person's health.

I was drawn to the idea of marketing a product I could totally stand behind, and that wasn't some fading craze. Just good old fashioned essential oils.

I talk to new people everyday and they are literally LOOKING for information like this.

The amazing team I am a part of is already chock FULL of success stories.  Bloggers and non-bloggers alike are using this vehicle to build their dreams.


Frequently asked questions:

Is this a pyramid scheme?

No. Pyramid schemes are actually illegal. This is authentic network marketing– they are very different. doTERRA is a product-based company with an extremely high customer retention rate because the oils work. 

Are there any minimums or quotas?

You need to start with a kit (around $150) so you are able to try out the oils and stand behind the product.  You also have to commit to a 100 PV (around $100) order every month to get a commission.  (I was able to earn more than that my very first month, so those were like free oils to me!) I will walk you through all of this on the phone. 

This also ensures that you are using the products and ordering enough to share with others.

The best thing about this business is NO INVENTORY.  From a person who has tried tons of businesses over the years, this is HUGE.

There are so many teams out there.  Why should I join yours?

In a word, support.  You will not enroll, then be left hanging.  I want you to succeed and reach your dreams.  I will make sure you have every tool you need to make that possible.

I am very serious about building three more successful teams in my organization.  I just need the leaders to invest my time in.  

Could that be you?!

How many hours a week should I expect to invest?

This depends on how fast you want to build.  You can casually share and put in around 5 hours a week, or get on the fast track to a full time income-replacing business, and invest more like 20.

How exactly do I share the oils?

The best way to share oils is small classes in your home.  Just having a few friends over for light snacks and an hour long discussion on the benefits of essential oils is all you need to be successful. Repeat. Repeat.  You can also share one on one and hand out samples when someone complains to you of an ailment.

I am looking for THREE more highly motivated, hardworking builders in my team to spread the word about the life changing qualities of essential oils and the message that freedom is possible.

What you can expect when you join my team:

  • The opportunity to share life-changing products.
  • Training from some of the best in the business!
  • Access to a Facebook builder group where you will be supported, inspired and cheered on.
  • The ability to get deep discounts on essential oils and other wellness products.
  • Access to our three week 'launch it' training that will fast-track you to effectively and confidently sharing oils with the people who need them.
  • The opportunity to create real residual income.
  • Joy and purpose in your work.
  • Help to reach your DREAMS from me personally!

I am looking for someone who is:

  • Passionate
  • Willing to work hard to share what they believe in
  • Motivated
  • Willing to devote time each and every week
  • Willing to start out with an enrollment to kit (to share oils with others)
  • Dedicated to placing a consistent, monthly order. (This enables you to earn commission and bonus checks-I will show you how to quickly build your income to cover the cost of this monthly order.)

Who is with me?!

You can either fill out the application below or contact me lisa@farmhouseonboone.com for more info.

If you have no interest in building a business but still want to know about the power of essential oils check out this page.  

You can also stay in the loop with my essential oil webinars here: