Almost Free DIY Boxwood Wreath

by Lisa | October 24, 2016

Today I was sitting out in the garden, with the kids, cutting basil and tying it in bundles. One kid was busy tying twine around the stems, another was busy digging, the baby was pressing buttons on my phone and the oldest was finishing up school work inside.  As a mother of four, when all the kids are happily playing, a little alarm bell goes off that says I should be doing something productive.  These are rare opportunities.

I remembered the dried boxwood clippings that were scattered all over the house. I brought them in with every intention of making them into a wreath that day, or at least the next. Well, as most projects go in my house, they sat around un-wreathed for several weeks.  I even tied some twine around them and called them fall decor.  I pretended that was my plan all along.  I left them laying around so long that they became dry and crunchy.