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Hi, I am Lisa

You know I wasn’t always an expert on blogging.

When I started my blog 7 years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I heard you could make an income blogging, so I was willing to at least give it a try. I thought if I posted consistently, and showed up on social media, readers would come. Certainly people would be interested in reading about my daily life, right?!

Turns out there is a ton of strategy behind a successful blog, and what you do before and after posting is key to driving traffic and earning an income.

Through a lot of time wasted, and trial and error, I finally learned the secret to creating multiple income streams from my blog. My husband Luke was able to quit his job over 4 years ago to come home with me full-time. We now raise our 7 kids side by side, and spend our days homeschooling and homesteading. My blog continues to grow, while I work on it in the margins of my day.

This could be you too!

Here are what my current students are saying

Tahnee | Blogger in the Netherlands

Though Tahnee already had photography and website skills before taking the masterclass, she wasn’t making any progress. She now has a growing blog, email list and Instagram following.

Megan | Former RN Turned Homestead Blogger

After quitting her RN job and moving to a farm, Megan learned her new blog was going in the wrong direction. She found the masterclass, and changed course to save tons of time and money! Now her blog is growing and reaching new people everyday.

Diane | Long Time Blogger

After spending a decade blogging, and not seeing any results, Diane learned the best practices to start gaining traction. She now has a professional looking blog, stats that are moving in the right direction and is loving what she’s doing!

Mariana | Military Mom of 2

Mariana knew she wanted to start an online business/brand of some kind, but had no idea where to start. She made an Instagram account, but had no idea where to go from there. She now knows what kind of content to create to get readers, and where to push it afterwards, so she isn’t wasting her precious time. She now has direction and strategy!

Julie | Homeschool Mom of 5

After starting a blog over a decade ago and never making any progress, Julie knew she had to do something different! She dove in and started creating the kind of posts that actually rank on Google. She now sees consistent growth and results for her efforts on her blog. Now that she had unlocked the secret to success, she continues to see her posts at the top of the search engines!

I Promise You This Webinar Will Be Worth Your Time!

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