Sourdough Challah 

Farmhouse On Boone

This beautiful sourdough challah bread is also one of the most delicious. With a soft, fluffy texture on the inside and a beautiful, golden, braided crust on the outside, it’s the perfect recipe to grace your table for a holiday feast or an average weekday.

sourdough starter

bread flour and all purpose flour

eggs and water

honey and salt


Simple Ingredients

so light and fluffy

healthier than traditional challah

long fermented grains

easier to digest

delicious taste

Why You'll Love This Recipe 

Shape the dough into four long skinny ropes.  Braid the dough together. Lastly, to get that beautiful golden crust, brush with an egg wash.

Making Beautiful Bread

Visit the blog where I'll take you step by step through this recipe. Hope you love it! 

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