Sourdough Sandwich Bread 

Farmhouse On Boone

Soft and fluffy sourdough sandwich bread is the perfect bread to have on hand. Made with all-purpose flour, sourdough starter, butter and a little honey, this fermented bread has a lighter texture and tangy flavor.

This recipe is super simple. Contains simple pantry ingredients. Requires no stretching and folding every 30 minutes… Just mix, rise, shape, rise again, and bake.

this recipe will make it really hard to ever go back to store-bought bread

Sourdough is one of the healthiest breads since the grains are fermented, which makes it more digestible and the nutrients more available for your body to absorb. Top with your favorite healthy toppings and you can have a wholesome and filling meal in one sandwich.

Visit the blog for the full recipe and step by step instructions. I hope you love it!