Super Simple DIY Pillows from IKEA Tea Towels

You know how sometimes you just need a little satisfaction of creating something, but have absolutely no extra time to do so?

That is what today's tutorial is all about!

simple diy pillow covers from ikea towels

I love the IKEA Elly white and blue dish towels for their linen like look and perfect shade of blue.

ikea elly dish towel

Plus, I am always a sucker for stripes.

I knew when I first saw them that I would have to make something, other than a tea towel, from them.

With a $5 pack of these tea towels and one package of bias tape you can sew up four pillow covers in (way) less than an hour.

If you don't have an IKEA nearby you can also buy them for a pretty reasonable price on Amazon.  

Since the tea towels already come with hems, half the work is already done!

First cut two 18" pieces of white double fold bias tape.

ikea diy towel pillow

On one end, fold the top down a half inch.

Then sew all the way around.

ikea towel diy pillows

Repeat with the other piece of bias tape.

Next, fold your tea towel in half with right sides together.

Line up all the stripes and pin in place.

ikea towel pillow pin

Sew 3/4 of the way around with a 1/4" seam, leaving one short end open.

Before you turn the pillow right side out, make sure to clip the corners, as there is a lot of bulk there from the pre-made towel seams.  Just be careful not to cut into your seam.

diy pillow cover trimming corners

With any luck, all your stripes will line up when you turn it right side out.

ikea towel diy pillow stripes

Find the middle by folding the pillow cover in half and adding a pin on both sides.  

This is where you will want to put your ties, so they are centered.

Tuck the unfinished end of the bias tape under and sew on the inside of the finished pillow cover.

ikea pillow diy pillow bias tape

Repeat with the other piece of bias tape on the other side.

Slip an insert in and boom you are done!

ikea towel diy pillow cover finished

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Although the perfect size insert is hard to find I did find this one here for $5 on Etsy.

OR you can make your own insert pretty quickly!

I actually like this option even better because I like the way the bleached drop cloth looks peeking out of the pillow cover.  It has an almost linen look to it that I love!

 Sew up two 13 by 20 inch pieces of bleached drop cloth, or other white cotton fabric, all the way around, leaving a 3 inch portion not sewn.

Turn it right side out and add stuffing.  

pillow insert stuffing diy

Stitch the 3" spot that you left open shut.

When putting your insert into your new pillow cover, hide the 3" spot you left open, since it will look a little messy, by putting that end first into your pillow cover.  The nicely  sewn edge should be the one peeking out.

Now, keep repeating this process and you will have a bunch of little farmhouse pillows all over your house that only cost a couple bucks each!

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Super Simple DIY Pillow Covers from IKEA Tea Towels Sewing Tutorial
Super Simple DIY Pillow Covers from IKEA Tea Towels Sewing Tutorial
Simple DIY Pillow Covers from IKEA Tea Towels