Sourdough  Pasta

Recipe Highlights

This easy homemade sourdough pasta couldn’t be easier. You only need 3 ingredients and can use an active sourdough starter or discard. Whip up a quick version or long ferment for more health benefits and better digestibility.

Simple Ingredients

-sourdough starter - discard or fed starter will work for this recipe. This is a great way to use up discard that would usually just be tossed out. – flour - all-purpose flour or freshly ground. – eggs - preferably pastured raised, but any egg will do.

Flavor: This sourdough version packs tons of flavor especially compared to regular, store-bought, dried pasta. Healthy: The best part about making food from scratch is control of the ingredients used. Easier to digest: One of the main benefits of sourdough, besides more nutrients and better nutrient absorption, is that it is much easier to digest.

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New To Sourdough Starter?  Learn how to make and maintain a sourdough starter.

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