Sourdough Skillet

Recipe Highlights

Sourdough Skillets are healthy one pot meals that can be made with many different variations. Try it with whatever meats and/or veggies you have in your fridge for a nutritious and satisfying meal.

The Perfect Staple Meal

A staple meal is one that has only a few basic ingredients. It can be adapted to suit what you have on hand. This one has it all; protein, fats, carbs, veggies. The sourdough starter makes a bread layer over the top of whatever filling you decide on.

Simple Ingredients

– sourdough starter – eggs – salt – basil & cilantro – butter (or coconut oil) – baking powder – beef – mixed veggies - such as peppers, red onions, mushrooms, and corn. – cheddar cheese, optional

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New To Sourdough Starter?  Learn how to make and maintain a sourdough starter.

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