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Reader Interactions


  1. Valerie says

    Loved this! Thanks so much for going into detail about the reason behind it all and the process of making it…so helpful!! Would love to know more about the things you ferment. 🙂

    • Lisa Bass says

      Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! I will definitely be sharing more of my fermented stuff in the future!!

  2. Dianne says

    We have our own raw honey. Could I use this in place of the brown sugar?

    • Lisa Bass says

      I have heard it is not good to use honey. I think the reasoning is that honey has its own beneficial bacteria and enzymes that may compete with the other cultures.

  3. Lisa Bass says

    I really don’t know if that would work or not. Can’t say I’ve tried it. I wonder if the sugar content would be high enough to support the grains.

    • Kerri says

      Honey is anti-bacterial, so it would definately compete with the bacteria of the kefir, which is why I stopped adding honey to my kefir smoothies and water keifir & kombucha juices. Now I just take a spoonful of honey with a pinch of pink sea salt at bed time. No competition.

      • Lisa says

        Very good points! Do you put honey in homemade yogurt?

  4. Heidi says

    We made this using your recipe and it is so good! Even my super picky husband loved it. We did one with grape juice, and one with organic apple juice and it tasted like sparkling cider. Thanks for the awesome recipe, keep them coming! So glad I found your blog!

    • Lisa Bass says

      I am SO glad you enjoyed it! And yay for getting the picky husband to enjoy all that probiotic goodness! ;). Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  5. Emily says

    What other fruits have you tried during the second ferment? Are there any that work better than others?

    • Lisa says

      Hi Emily! I have tried berries, but I almost always just do grape juice. I get the best results that way. I know a lot of people get fancy and add ginger to make a ginger ale.

  6. Tori says

    Do you have to leave headspace in the bottles? I have been saving bottles like yours from Aldi’s. They have an amazing sparkling pink lemonade, and yummy pumpkin spice beverage that’s seasonal, mmmmm! Another question is how do you store the water kefir grains?

    • Lisa says

      I have totally done that with Aldi bottles too! Yes, you do want to leave a little headspace. About 3/4″ ish. 🙂 When you want to put them on rest, just store them in a little sugar water in the fridge.

      • Brooke says

        Hi there! What size bottles do we use? I have a 34oz. Will that suffice? how much grape juice and kiefer water do I add to that 34oz (if the bigger bottles are okay).


  7. Cheryl says

    What about alcohol? I was reading that it depends on the length of fermentation but still will have residual levels of alcohol even with a short fermentation. Any concern?

    • Lisa says

      It does have a very small residual amount, but so does an overly ripe banana. I don’t worry about it. 🙂

  8. Dina says

    Intrigued! Bought some grains from amazon. Looks easy, even for the impatient nonni’s like me. Opening the bottle once fermenting can be tricky. But you gotta start somewhere! Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa says

      It’s super easy once you get the hang of it.:) You’ll love it!

  9. Rachel says

    Hi there! I just read your blog post on kefir and you’ve inspired me to get new grains and start doing this again. It’s been several years since I had my own little “kefir farm”, haha! My question for you is, do you rinse your grains out each time you strainand change out the water? I always did, but wondered if you thought that step was necessary? Thanks!

  10. Holly says

    Thank you for sharing. I just made my first batch!! How long can I keep the flip top bottles in the fridge? Thank you Holly

    • Lisa says

      I would say a week would be a good rule of thumb, but I doubt they would go bad very quickly, especially with all those good bugs in there. I don’t know for sure, but I would probably drink it after a month even. It just never lasts that long, because we drink it all!

  11. Amber says

    Hi Lisa, a couple quick question.

    1) is water Kiefer the same as Kombucha?
    2.) would you let your 16 month old take a few sips of yours if you wanted too? I know the alcohol content is negligible, but I wonder if too much of a good thing is too much.. haha. Thanks 🙂

  12. Holly says

    I was wondering if there is other things you can do with water kefir? My grains are growing very quickly! Thank you Holly

    • Lisa says

      You can compost them, feed them to the chickens or even blend them up in a smoothie. They are full of probiotics! 🙂

  13. Karina says

    Do you worry about alcohol level when giving to the kids? I have heard that during the second ferment, the alcohol level can get high. Can you advise? I am not sure if to give to my son, but I do want to.

    • Lisa says

      Hey Karina! I don’t think it can ferment long enough to create much alcohol. I think the lids would be blowing off before that. I’m pretty sensitive to alcohol. I can already feel it after a couple sips of wine, and I don’t notice anything like that with water kefir. Definitely use your own discretion though! 🙂

  14. Christina says

    Hey Lisa! Thank you for making this process seem less intimidating. So what do I do with the kefir grains after making my first batch? Do I start over with the sugar water?
    Can I keep the grains in the fridge if I am pressed for time? And then pull them out to start another first ferment?

    Thanks for any help!!

    • Lisa says

      Yes, you can hibernate the grains in a little sugar water in the refrigerator for up to a couple weeks, if you want a break. Otherwise, just start over with new sugar water to keep the process going. Hope that helps!

      • Christina says

        Thanks a bunch! We are SO enjoying your recipe— I can’t believe how easy it is to do it. ☺️

  15. Kristel says

    Hola Lisa,
    I followed all the steps but didnt get any bubbles… why do you think it might be?
    Thank you

  16. Heather says

    Hey Lisa! I am wanting to make this for my sister, but she can’t have any fructose which means no brown sugar. Can you do this same recipe with plain cane sugar?

    • Lisa says

      Yes! You sure can 🙂

  17. Tyler says

    Can you increase the amount of juice you add for the second ferment to increase the fruity flavor of the final beverage? What’s the limit?

    • Lisa says

      You can, but too much sugar will make it ferment more quickly and it could get a little more explosive.

  18. Greg says

    Hi Lisa. I just started making water kefir a couple of weeks ago as a potential solution to a condition I’ve had diagnosed as Ulcerative Colitis, It’s a bowel condition that has no known cause or remedy in the medical industry however, it seems many people have been diagnosed by alternative practitioners as having a Candida overflow; so I followed that path of investigation. There are a few other steps in the process for killing off the Candida, but kefir and other fermentation processes are high on the list to getting the gut health back in balance. So far I have to admit, my condition is improving. I’m hopeful the condition will be eradicated completely.

    Anyway 🙂 to the questions I wanted to ask. At what stage during the 2nd fermenting process can the bottles be placed in the fridge and how long will it keep in the fridge.??

  19. Lisa says

    So the second ferment is put in the pop topbottles without the kefir grains, correct?
    Also, can I use regular twist top bottles (like the store bought kevita or kombucha bottles) instead of the pop top bottles for the second ferment?
    Thank you! Loved the video!

    • Lisa says

      That’s correct! I don’t think the twist top bottles would be airtight enough to build carbonation during the second ferment.

  20. Stephanie says

    Hi. I was wondering how much sugar is left in the kefir when it’s done? I’m not supposed to have sugar. If there is sugar in it is there a way to make it without sugar?

  21. Karen says

    I was wondering…do I rinse the grains after the first ferment then start another batch, or do I just add more sugar water for another Batch?

  22. Bre says

    Have you ever added any EOs to the final product to add flavor?

  23. Tamra Walters says

    Hi♡ I’ve never fermented a thing (on purpose) before – except my 8 day old sourdough starter. I just ordered the water kefir grains you suggested. Will the grains come with instructions on how to reuse them? (Thank you for your tutorials♡)

  24. Iris says

    Do you have a water kefir and milk kefir grain that you recommend? Thanks.

  25. Iris says

    I don’t see a link for a recommendation for water kefir grains. Do you have one you recommend? What about milk kefir grains?

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