Homemade Fermented Pickles

by Lisa | July 6, 2017

This easy pickle recipe honestly seems like a pretty sorry excuse for a blog post.

I mean really.  How could anything with so few steps and ingredients ever be considered revolutionary enough to be worthy of your time, dear reader?

Well, if your garden overfloweth with cucumbers and/or you want to start incorporating more fermented vegetables into your diet,  I think you will love this super simple recipe. Honestly, it has been a game changer for me with my last few cucumber harvests.

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  1. Shauna says

    Made these this past week. My first attempt at making fermented foods. They turned out amazing. So easy to make thank you for sharing. I do have a question, is the water supposed to be cloudy when done?

  2. Aliisa says

    I made these and the flavor is amazing but they arent crisp. I had hoped that the inside wouldnt get mushy. Are there any tips that I can try to keep my pickles crisp?

  3. Sarah says

    Just made a batch of these and can’t wait to try them out! I was wondering, though: is there any difference when fermenting spears as opposed to round slices?

  4. Kathy says

    Just silly questions, perhaps … could we use smaller grocery store cucumbers rather than home grown, since it’s too early here for garden produce yet? I’m concerned that the stores may source veggies that have been treated in any number of ways to cause disruption of the fermentation process? If so, will buying organic ensure that this won’t be a problem?
    Thanks for this great recipe!

  5. Aspen says

    Would this work to make bread and butter pickles? I know most bread and butter recipes required sugar or honey so I’m curious if it would fermented properly still?

  6. Marcie says

    Can the brining water be used again for 2nd batch? Or start fresh each time? I love how simple you make things!

  7. April says

    My saurkraut turned out great but my pickles were beyond soggy! What did I do wrong? I chopped them fairly thick.

  8. Emily says

    I made your pickles and your sauerkraut and they are delicious! Could I use this basic pickling method for jalapeños? Have you done that? Wondering if they would stay crunchy. We eat a lot of jalapeños and I would love to ferment them if I can. Thanks!

  9. Hannah says

    This comment is late after the post, hopefully I can still get an answer haha! 🙂 I have no experience in fermenting… so once the pickles are done after 5 days, do you take them out of the jar and store them in the fridge in a different container? Or just pop them in the fridge? You said you didn’t want to keep fermenting them so I just assume you have to remove them from the brine?…. or does refrigeration stop the fermentation process? I know… I’m clueless! Thank you 😀

  10. Mishelle says

    I love this super rasy recipe! In czech republic we have simillar recipe for fermented pickles, but we are adding dill and horseradish for more spicy taste. it os so yummy and everybody on village are cooking them 🙂

  11. Amanda says

    Does the weight need to be completely submerged? Or can the weight be half submerged? Every time I try this recipe, they mold! HELP! 🙂 I even use a silicone fermenting venting lid! I just want pickles and saurkraut!!!


  12. Nicole says

    Hello! I am so excited to try this! I was wondering if one has to use filtered water. We live on a farm and have well water. It is tested and is safe. Can I just use our regular well water for this?

    • Lisa says

      Possibly so! I still use my Berkey water filter water for ferments now that we are on well water, but I would venture to guess it would be fine.

  13. Vicki says

    I, too, want to know if you’ve tried sweet pickles. Or bread and butter.

    Also, when you add fresh cucumbers to a brine you’ve already used, do you take it out of the fridge and leave on the counter for 5 days again?
    Thank you for your recipes!

  14. Jessi says

    We’ve made a few batches so far, but I feel like we’re having contamination issues.. a film develops on the top of the water that makes me think that it’s mold. Is that normal? Does that sound like contamination of some sort? We had the same thing happen with a batch of sauerkraut. One jar was fine, the other one did not taste right

  15. Adele says


    Just wanted to clarify your instructions.
    …Add four tablespoons of salt to a half gallon size mason jar.
    Bring 2 cups of filtered water to a simmer.
    Add sliced cucumbers to a half gallon mason jar.
    After the salt water has cooled, add it to the jar.
    Are we supposed to add the 4 tbsp of salt to the 2 cups that are simmering? And not in the mason jar?

  16. Jan says

    In recipe, first step says to add salt to jar. Later step says to add salted water to jar. Was the salt to be added to the water instead before simmering?

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