Simple DIY Macrame Plant Hanger with Video Tutorial

I love this project for the ease and simplicity of it.  You could easily whip out three of these babies in 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Now, before anyone gets too upset, I know this isn't actually macrame.  This is just my super simple way to make a jute plant hanger that mimics the macrame style.

I love having plants around the house.  They reduce carbon dioxide levels and other air pollutants,  and they just look so beautiful and fresh.

simple diy macrame plant hanger

So, for this project I cut 9 jute strings 100" long.

I also cut one piece 6" long.  I used this for the top loop that I hang the whole thing from.  

I started by folding my 6" piece in half and tying a knot. 

I then took my 9 long strings and put them through my 6" loop, making sure the ends were all even.  You will trim the bottom at the end, so it's ok if it isn't perfect, but you do want them pretty even. 

Next, I divided my 18 pieces (9 strings looped through in half) into three sections to make the braids.  Each braid will have six strings, so two pieces in each of the three braid components. (I'm making this sound way more complicated than it actually is. This is why I included a video)

I then made three 14" long braids and ended each of them with knots.  It is important to make sure everything is even at this point.  All three knots should line up and be the same length.

Next, I went down 6" from the braids to start tying my next row of knots. 

So, basically, I just divided each of the strings below the braids into two sections, with three strings in each section.  I then tied three from one braid to three from the next and made a big knot. I repeated this around the circle until each braid was connected to the next.  

I went down another 6" and repeated the process.

Finally, I went down another 6" and tied one giant with all 18 strings.

I trimmed the ends, so they were all even.

That's it!

You could make so many variations of this same project!  

You could make the braid and spaces smaller to accommodate smaller pots and plants, like a tiny succulent planter.  

You could make the whole thing longer, and repeat the process, to make a vertical planter.  

You could use thinner string or different colors.  The possibilities are endless!

Simple DIY Macrame Plant Hnager
simple diy macrame plant hanger
simple diy macrame plant hanger

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simple diy macrame plant hanger

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