Simple Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Kitchen

My dream is to live on a small farm, down a gravel road, that is off another gravel road. I want there to be chickens running all over the place and no chance we would ever see a car drive by.  

But, alas, we do not live out in the middle of nowhere, and, I must admit, the convenience of living in town is pretty nice.  But, I still want my kitchen to feel like we are living my farmhouse dream.  I want the heart of our home to simple, inviting and cozy.

Here are a few ways I like to add farmhouse style to my kitchen: 

1. White, white, white

When in doubt, paint it white. Nothing says fresh, cozy kitchen like white does.


2. Hooks

I think the farmhouse style is all about finding the beauty in common, everyday things.  There is beauty in growing something in your garden and then preserving it for your family.  There is charm in displaying the tools and ingredients that make up a homemade pie.  Hooks allow you to display those kinds of things.  I like to hang pretty hand towels, aprons, herbs, pots and pans, measuring cups, coffee mugs and kitchen tools on hooks around the kitchen. 


3. Natural elements

Dried herbs, baskets of onions and squash, fresh eggs, hanging garlic, house plants, flower arrangements and glass jars of dried beans and grains all make the kitchen look lived in and inviting.  It says this is a place we actually use and enjoy.

4. Antiques

Old stuff reminds us all of simpler times when people were home all day cooking up something wonderful.  My favorite antiques to display in my kitchen are white ironstone pitchers, old cooking tools and rusty scales.

5. Linens

Neutral linens look beautiful displayed in the kitchen.  I like solid linen, or striped patterns in blues and tans.

6. Open shelving

Open shelving is a trend right now in almost every style, but it especially resonates with the farmhouse style.  Some people rip down all their upper cabinets to display their white china on open shelving. You can also just add a couple shelves in another part of your kitchen and keep your upper cabinets.  I like to display pitchers, plates and dried food on mine. 

Farmhouse Open Shelving

7. Wooden utensils and cutting boards

Put them in crocks or pitchers around your kitchen, set them on the counter, or hang them on hooks.  Whatever you do, don't just throw them in a drawer.  These things look beautiful displayed!

Thanks for stopping by friends.  I hope you are ready to add a little farmhouse style to your kitchen!

Simple Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Any Kitchen

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