A Farmhouse Kitchen Renovation- Part 5

So, last year around this time we started the process of renovating our very outdated kitchen.  We had laminate countertops, an aluminum sink, vinyl flooring and the most awful bathroom light fixture above the sink.

farmhouse kitchen makeover

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We worked hard, and quickly, to replace the laminate counters with quartz, swap the aluminum sink for a ceramic farm sink, paint the yellowish off-white cabinets white, paint the yellow walls white and add a subway tile back splash.  We even ripped up four layers of old flooring to expose the original hardwood underneath.  All of that was done in less than three months.  

We only had to put the trim back on the baseboards and replace the ugly light above the sink.

But, when our place was looking good enough to live with, the momentum completely fizzled out.  Tell me I'm not the only one who experiences this.  I wanted to finish the last details of the kitchen, but you know how life gets in the way.  And with all the new improvements, I was pretty pleased the way the kitchen was looking already.

Well, after almost a year without any updates, I am finally happy to bring to you Part 5! 

farmhouse kitchen

Although we haven't done anything to the kitchen in almost a year, it has definitely been on my mind quite a bit!  I was being super indecisive about the light above the kitchen sink.  I wasn't sure if I should do a pendant, some kind of three bulb wall light fixture or two separate lights. Quite honestly, the whole thing really stumped me.  That's probably why the previous owners just threw a bathroom fixture up there.

Well, I finally decided on something, and I absolutely love the way it turned out.  

farmhouse kitchen lights

I can't believe I waited so long to add new light fixtures to this area!  I was so excited when I found these Bronze Metal Swing Arm Lamps from Amazon. They are absolutely perfect for the area.  I had known for a while that I wanted something in this style, but all the fixtures I kept seeing online were around $400 each.  Pretty, but sorry, not in the budget. 

This set was $99! For both. No kidding.

I figured, if I didn't like them, it wouldn't hurt to try them for under 50 bucks each.

 They were actually both plug-in lamps, but my handy cousin cut the cords and hard wired them in.  The whole job took less than an hour.  We actually had to install them upside down to create more of a bend.  When they were right side up, there wasn't enough room between the tops of the windows and the ceiling to bend them like I wanted.  They are completely adjustable, so I fiddled with them a bit to get them bent like I envisioned.

Instead of patching the wall where the original fixture was, I made the quick decision to throw my farmhouse sign from Fourth and Maple up there.  It fit in between the two lights just perfectly! Bam. Done.

farmhouse style kitchen makeover
farmhouse sink in the kitchen
white farmhouse kitchen

In other news, we replaced our refrigerator from at least 20 years ago with a brand new stainless steel one.  I didn't realize what a difference that would make, but it sure did!

We also had some recessed lighting installed, as our kitchen was super dark at night.  Without it, we have only three bulbs.  That definitely made evening cooking in the winter super challenging.  The recessed lighting made a huge improvement.  It's night and day. 

We still need to finish the trim around the baseboards, but I am holding off on that until we can refinish the wood floors.  The person who originally did them didn't do a very good job at all.  That will probably be a summer project.  I actually want to sand and refinish the entire bottom floor.

We still have our popcorn ceiling, but I am too afraid to remove them, in case they have asbestos.  I couldn't live with knowing we scraped asbestos off into our house.  I may blank the ceilings someday, but for now popcorn they will remain.

I also plan to add something different above the kitchen island.  The silver metal fixture just doesn't fit my style anymore.

I will keep you posted.

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