Eight Essential Oil Roller Bottle Recipes with Free Printables

We just love using essential oils in our home.  

We have taken advantage of their powerful properties, for helping with restful sleep, boosting immunity, soothing an upset tummy, opening up congested airways, and so much more.

Since essential oils are 50- 70 times more powerful than herbs, they are often too potent to place directly on the skin, especially that of a child.

That is why it is so great to already have them diluted and ready to roll on.

Roller bottles also make oils stretch further, so a little bit goes a long way.

They are super quick to make, and handy to have ready to go, when life's little emergencies happen.

eight roller bottle recipes and free printable

To make the roller bottles, follow the recipes on the cards below.

Most recipes call for approximately 10-12 drops of essential oil

First add the essential oils, and then fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil, leaving a little room at the top.

how to make roller bottles

To avoid spilling the fractionated coconut oil everywhere, you can either use a really tiny funnel, or a dropper.

The roller bottles I ordered actually came with the droppers. 

roller bottle printable labels

Make sure to download your free recipe cards and printable labels later in this post.

I like to print the recipes on card stock.

For the labels, I buy full sheet label paper.  

After I cut them out and stick them on the roller bottle, I add a piece of clear packing tape to make the label more waterproof.

8 Roller Bottle Recipes with Printable Recipe Cards and Printable Labels

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